Athlete’s Foot? Here Are A Doctor’s Remedies

    Do you feel embarrassed scratching your sock-covered foot in front of your friends? Athlete’s foot is a transmissible fungal infection that could be uncomfortable. But don’t worry too much, as we have some effective home remedies for you to try.

    Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection of the foot. It is also known as tinea pedis. The infection mostly occurs in athletes but may also develop in others. Once the fungi resides on your foot skin, it needs moisture and warmth to survive.

    Why Is It Called “Athlete’s Foot”?

    People who keep their sweaty feet covered in socks and shoes are more prone to developing the disease. Athletes practice for long hours in often sweaty socks and shoes, the ideal environment for fungal growth. For this reason, athletes are prone to the disease,  hence the name.

    Signs And Symptoms Of Athlete’s Foot

    The signs and symptoms of an athlete’s foot may vary, but the most common ones include:

    • A red scaly rash on the foot
    • Blisters or ulcers between the fingers of the foot
    • Cracking of skin around toenails
    • Itching and burning sensation especially between your toes

    Risk Factors

    Certain people are more prone to getting athlete’s foot. This includes those who:

    • Wear damp socks
    • Wear tight-fitting shoes
    • Walk around public places barefoot 
    • Have sweaty feet 
    • Share towels and personal products with infected people

    Athlete’s Foot Home Remedies

    You can get rid of this itchy condition by self treatment using home remedies. These include:

    1. Application of hydrogen peroxide 

    This chemical is a potent anti fungal and can be  used  to assist  different fungal infections, including athlete’s foot. Hydrogen peroxide can kill a wide variety of fungi.

    2. Apply oil

    Tea tree oil has extraordinary anti fungal properties. A study carried out in 2002 supports the use of tea tree oil in the management of athlete’s foot. Tea tree oil is extracted from trees in Australia and is used frequently in fungal conditions due to the different anti fungal components. Another good oil is coconut oil, especially when combined with tea tree oil, as the mixture of two can be  even more effective. Neem oil is extracted from neem leaves and can help you combat athlete’s foot. The anti fungal properties of neem oil can help you with fungus are powerful. Eucalyptus oil and menthol are also useful.

    3. Rub some alcohol 

    Alcohol has a similar benefit to hydrogen peroxide. In our clinical practice, we frequently rub alcohol on wounds for disinfection. The cleaning of cuts is also carried out using a water-mixed solution of alcohol because of its antiseptic properties.

    4. Take sea salt baths

    This is the easiest remedy to get rid of fungal infections, including the athlete’s foot. Mix some vinegar to form a paste and pour into a bucket.

    5. Try baby powder

    Baby powder and talcum powders inhibit the growth of fungus. Developing the habit of applying talcum powder on dried feet is also a simple step towards prevention. Remember to dry your feet with a hairdryer before using baby powder.

    6. Vicks VapoRub

    The readily available VapoRub is useful not only in congestion and cold but also in the case of fungi.  A study published in 2012 showed the effectiveness of Vicks VapoRub in treating onychomycosis (a fungal infection that causes hand mouth foot disease).

    7. Use baking soda

    Baking soda is present in most households. Add some baking soda to a bucket containing water and soak your feet to get better results.

    8. Garlic 

    Garlic has always been used for its medicinal properties for centuries. Its antifungal and antiseptic properties are well known and the consumption of garlic can also boost immunity. Applying garlic paste on the infection site can also be helpful for your condition.


    You can keep yourself away from athlete’s foot by adopting these steps:

    1. Protect your feet while visiting public places such as showers, etc.
    2. Wear well-ventilated shoes and avoid hard air tight pairs
    3. Avoid wearing damp socks
    4. Keep your feet dry
    5. Change your socks daily

    Athlete’s foot is a common condition arising from fungal infection. Moist and suffocating conditions of the foot can increase the chances of acquiring an infection. The above athlete’s foot home remedies can help you get rid of this uncomfortable condition.

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