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    The term pneumococcal vaccine or pneumonia vaccine are often used interchangeably. These vaccines are given in the form of injections against the pneumococcal disease.  Any infection caused by bacteria Streptococcus...

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    Why Are You Not Losing Weight? A Doctor Weighs In

    The strategy to lose weights presents itself as a relatively simple one. The body needs a specific amount of energy to function well, this...

    Pregnancy: What To Expect During The 9 Months

    Pregnancy is a beautiful period of a woman’s life, but it can be difficult to know what to expect. Many physical and psychological changes...

    Itchy Scalp? Here Are Home Remedies

    The scalp is the skin that covers the skull and protects it from damages. An itchy scalp can sometimes pose concerns and discomfort. Continuously...

    Top 3 Benefits Of A Mediterranean Diet

    The proverbial phrase “you are what you eat” is often an encouragement to eat healthy. In this article, we will explore how true that...

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    5 Ways Being Outside Benefits Child Development

    Do you feel overwhelmed by all the different things you’re “supposed” to be doing to support your child’s development? Parents today are inundated with...

    Stress Management: 5 Techniques

    Stress happens when external stimuli challenges our body; pain, heat, electric current, somebody coming in front of your car while driving, or an office...

    7 Strategies To Improve Your Emotional Health As A Parent

    Putting your emotional health first is usually a challenge, especially if you are a parent. Since parents run on a scarcity of sleep, time...

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    Diseases A-Z

    Search and Read About All Diseases based on Demographic, Body Location and System.

    Diseases A-Z

    Search and Read About All Diseases based on Demographic, Body Location and System.

    Improving Sleep & Managing Anxiety – According to Naturopathy

    Do you struggle with falling asleep at night? Does anxiety keep you awake? There’s a huge correlation between improving sleep cycles and managing our...

    9 Symptoms Of Heart Failure & When To Get Help

    Heart failure affects over 25 million people worldwide and continues to increase in number. The United States records about 14% of deaths from heart...

    Negative Effects of Weight Loss Pills and Alternative Solutions

    Obesity and being overweight along with their related complications are becoming of increasing concern, especially in developed first-world nations. To face some of these...

    9 Differences Between Acute & Chronic Diseases

    You may have come across the terms acute and chronic  in references to illnesses and diseases. But what do the terms mean and what...

    How To Deal With Loneliness – A Doctor Talks

    Loneliness is a common and timeless feeling. In fact, the loneliness epidemic started in the 1980’s, and with the rise of social media, this...

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    Drugs A-Z

    Search and Read About All Drugs And Their Symptoms.


    Drugs A-Z

    Search and Read About All Drugs And Their Symptoms.

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