Fitness Calorie Calculators Online

    Full Body Analysis

    Full Body Analysis calculator combines the output from several individual calculators to give you a full body analysis. Quickly find out your BMI, waist to hip ratio, body frame size, ideal weight, body fat, RMR, calories burned, target heart rate, and maximum heart rate.

    Body Adiposity Index / BAI

    BAI defines calculates total mass in relation to fat by comparing a person’s height and hips. BAI does not rely on body weight as an indicator, which distinguishes this measurement from the more well-known body mass index, or BMI.

    Ideal Weight

    Ideal body weight is a target weight derived from your height, gender and age. This calculator computes appropriately your ideal or healthy weight based on BMI information. Body mass index (BMI) is one of the most popular ways to calculate an ideal weight range.

    Body Fat

    Body Fat calculator allows men and women to find their exact body fat percentage based on weight, height and exercise level.

    Waist to Height Ratio

    Waist-to-Height Ratio (WHtR) is used to measure the distribution of body fat. The higher someone’s waist-height ratio is, the higher their risk of obesity-related cardiovascular diseases.

    Fat Free Mass Index / Lean Mass Weight

    Fat Free Mass Index, an alternative to the Body Mass Index calculator, demonstrates the amount of muscle mass relative to height. This index, popular among aspiring fitness aficionados and bodybuilders, allows one to analyze one’s score within a specific range.

    Walking Calories Counter

    Walking Calories Counter helps estimate how many calories you have burned during your walk. Most people burn an average of 100 calories per mile walking. Your weight and the distance you walk are the key factors that determine how many calories you burn.

    Body Mass for Men

    Similar to our Body Mass Index calculator, this Body Mass for Men calculator, is a more accurate calculator for men based on mass and height.

    Circumference Body Fat

    This Body Fat Calculator is used to estimate your total body fat based on specific measurements.

    Body Mass for Women

    Similar to our Body Mass Index calculator, this Body Mass for Women calculator, is a more accurate calculator for women based on mass and height.

    Percentage Body Fat

    Body Fat Percentage is the percentage of fat your body contains based on few key factors.

    Ideal Body Proportions

    Ideal Body Proportions calculator is based on one’s wrist size (Wrist Circumference). The body measurements will provide ideal proportions for your chest size, waist size, hip size, bicep size, forearm size, thigh size, calve size and neck size.

    Activity Points

    Based on a Weight Watcher tools, activity points are points or scores earned from being active.

    Golden Ratio Face

    Beauty can be expressed by any words, but it is expressed in measurements and symmetry as well. Check out to see how perfect your face is.

    Standards Growth

    Standard Growth Calculator provides a comparison chart of height based on people in similar age categories.

    Proportionality of Body

    Proportionality constants describe the average ratio of a given body segment length to stature.

    3-Point Skin Fold Body Fat

    This calculator assess your body fat percentage by taking measurements from the fat-storing zones. This calculator will reveal your fitness level more accurately than scale weight alone.

    Daily Points Plus Allowance

    Daily Points Plus Allowance calculator is used to find allocate the amount of food you eat in proportion to calories. This online tool can help you stay within your daily and weekly allowance to help you reach your weight loss goals.

    Ideal Proportions for Growth

    Ideal Proportions calculator helps you calculate the ideal proportion of body growth for your classic bodybuilding or healthy physique one hopes to achieve.

    Propoints Weight Watchers

    Propoints Weight Watchers calculator allows one to monitor food points for your existing diet. This helps calculate and balance your amount of calories and saturated fat in each food.