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    Can A Vaccine And Herd Immunity End COVID-19?

    Within a year’s time, the coronavirus has led to an astounding worldwide and that number continues to rise everyday. The disease became widespread in...

    8 Tips To Fall Asleep Better

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    A Doctor Talks Different Types Of Alternative Medicine

    Traditional medicine techniques have been around for over 2000 years. Some techniques have evolved, taking up the knowledge of modern medicine to find a...

    Itchy Scalp? Here Are Home Remedies

    The scalp is the skin that covers the skull and protects it from damages. An itchy scalp can sometimes pose concerns and discomfort. Continuously...

    The Difference Between Meditation And Breathwork

    In a general sense, if you zoom out and take a birds eye view, a lot of things can serve as meditation. For example,...

    How To Fall Asleep Fast? A Doctor Tells Us

    Sleeping is a necessary routine to maintain health; in fact, complete lack of sleep can be deadly. Knowing how to fall asleep fast means...

    Hodgkin Lymphoma: A Doctor Tells Us If The Disease Is Deadly & If It Can Be Cured Completely

    Most people know of only one circulatory fluid in the body, which is blood. However nature has put another fluid that travels through a...
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