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    What Are Beta Blockers And Can It Be Used For Anxiety?

    You might have heard of beta blockers as a prescription drug for cardiac patients. What exactly are they? These drugs belong to a group...

    Testosterone Booster: What Is It & Are There Side Effects?

    We know that testosterone is the male hormone that induces that “masculinity factor”. But what happens if the body fails to make enough of this required...

    Why Sex In Long-Term Relationships Can Decline

    Ever pondered about what sex would feel like in a long-term relationship? Maybe some of you think that the idea of being intimate with...

    How Much Sugar Is Actually In Things We Eat?

    Sugar is known by many alternate names. These include white poison and white death, with these tags attributed to the detrimental health effects of...

    Emphysema: Life Expectancy & Can You Heal From It?

    Emphysema is part of the group of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD). This group of diseases affects over 251 million people in the world....

    Manage Anxiety In 8 Ways & When To See A Doctor

    When you experience an anxiety flare-up, take some time out and have a thought on what exactly is making you so stressed out. Anxiety...

    Do You Have An Eating Disorder? And How to Manage It

    An eating disorder refers to a range of psychological disorders characterized by abnormal or disturbed eating habits. Eating disorders go beyond the act of...

    Acupuncture: A Modern Doctors Opinion On Efficacy

    The mere thought of acupuncture can be  scary and to some extent sound odd. How can you claim that inserting so many needles into...

    Porn – Does It Affect Your Sex Life & Drive?

    According to an observational study, habitual porn watching has little or no effect on erectile dysfunction or delayed ejaculation in men. Though contradictory yet,...
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