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    A Doctor’s 8 Habits For Improving Work Life Balance

    As adults, we hear the word balance all the time. But truly finding a balance between work, health, relationships, and personal time can be...

    Are Naturopaths Doctors & What Are The Benefits Of Working With Them?

    After the industrial revolution in the 18th century, scientists made significant discoveries in the field of science. They found causes of different diseases and...

    Are Salt-Craving Neurons Driving Our Appetites?

    Salt is essential for life, but it can lead to serious health impacts when consumed in large amounts. Excessive salt consumption or having a...

    A Naturopath Tells Women How To Reset Hormones After Coming Off The Pill

    Birth control has given women even more freedom to choose for themselves about whether or not to have a child. Hormonal birth control works...

    Signs Of Alcohol Withdrawal

    When an individual stops drinking alcohol suddenly or cuts back on their total intake, the resulting signs and symptoms experienced are termed alcohol withdrawal...

    STDs And Infertility – We Ask A Doctor If There’s A Link

    In our clinical practice, we often get people asking us if there is a link between sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and infertility. The answer...

    Is The Red Dot Pityriasis Rosea? Here’s What To Do

    If you are like most people, the red rashes you noticed on your torso (central part of your body) or arm would be a...

    CBD Helps Build Muscle. Here’s How.

    The answer to the question of whether CBD can help build muscle would most likely already be clear to many weightlifters and people interested...

    Self Care Guide – Recommendations By A Doctor

    Demands of life and responsibilities of adulthood have a high potential to hinder self-care when a guide is not followed. For example, lack of...
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