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    Porn – Does It Affect Your Sex Life & Drive?

    According to an observational study, habitual porn watching has little or no effect on erectile dysfunction or delayed ejaculation in men. Though contradictory yet,...

    Pneumonia Vaccines vs. Pneumococcal Vaccines?

    The term pneumococcal vaccine or pneumonia vaccine are often used interchangeably. These vaccines are given in the form of injections against the pneumococcal disease.  Any...

    9 Differences Between Acute & Chronic Diseases

    You may have come across the terms acute and chronic  in references to illnesses and diseases. But what do the terms mean and what...

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder: 9 Traits, Symptoms & Causes

    Did you ever meet a person who has no other topic to talk about besides themselves? Have you ever been in a relationship where...

    9 Ways To Naturally Improve Your Digestive Health

    Health experts describe our gut as the body’s inner ecosystem. It is home to over a hundred trillion bacteria, which play a vital role...

    3 Lifestyle Choices To Reduce Risks Of Acquiring Alzheimer’s Disease

    Every three seconds, someone around the world is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, and over 50 million people worldwide have this condition. Recent studies have...

    Liver Detoxification According To A Naturopath

    The liver is the second largest organ, located in the upper right abdomen. It is the only organ in the body that can renew...

    Life After A Heart Attack – Should You Be Worried? A Doctor Explains

    Attending my shift in the ICU, I got a call in the late hours of the night. My mother told me in a panicked...

    Depressed? Here Are 8 Do’s For Managing Depression

    Depression is a serious illness but it is curable. Medical therapy, psychological back-up, self-healing and community support are critical therapeutic protocols for its treatment....
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