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    What Are The Types Of COVID-19 Tests Available? Are You Getting The Right One?

    World hunger, global warming, and wildfires were the main sources of anxiety and concern for environmentalists and researchers before 2020. But then, the whole...

    How To Deal With Loneliness – A Doctor Talks

    Loneliness is a common and timeless feeling. In fact, the loneliness epidemic started in the 1980’s, and with the rise of social media, this...

    The Difference Between Meditation And Breathwork

    In a general sense, if you zoom out and take a birds eye view, a lot of things can serve as meditation. For example,...

    The World Of Virtual Wellness

    2020 changed our lives abruptly; the start of a COVID-19 global pandemic affected every aspect of the way that we live. People were forced...

    A Doctor Surveys Aloe Vera And Its Various Uses & Benefits

    Over the centuries, aloe vera has been used to treat a variety of conditions. The National Health Survey reported that 40% of Americans both,...

    Adolescents & Children – What Should They Be Eating At Home & In School?

    Eating disorders, obesity, malnourishment, and food intolerances are more common now than ever before. Premade food without nutritional value is definitely the biggest factor...

    Telemedicine & E-Health. The Future Of Healthcare?

    The use of technology and the internet continue to increase, with more than half the world’s populace being active web users. Advancement of the...

    Self Care Guide – Recommendations By A Doctor

    Demands of life and responsibilities of adulthood have a high potential to hinder self-care when a guide is not followed. For example, lack of...

    Egg Freezing & IVF – Here’s What To Know Before You Decide

    In developing countries, every one in four couples has fertility concerns. The World Health Organization stated these figures in 2004, which have remained consistent...
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