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    Top 10 CBD Myths – Can You Guess Them?

    Recently, there’s been a lot more mainstream global attention on cannabis particularly on cannabidiol (CBD). Cannabidol is one of the common chemical compounds present...

    How To Boost Your Immunity With Vitamins & Minerals

    Your immune system is pivotal for a normal working body. In these times of the coronavirus pandemic, knowing how to boost your immunity is...

    Is Your Fatigue Normal? What Could It Possibly Mean?

    Fatigue is defined as extreme tiredness from mental or physical exertion. Everybody experiences fatigue, and this can increase with age. We have all experienced...

    Acupuncture: A Modern Doctors Opinion On Efficacy

    The mere thought of acupuncture can be  scary and to some extent sound odd. How can you claim that inserting so many needles into...

    What A Spider Bite Looks Like & What To Do If Bitten

    More than 50,000 species in the world belonging to Arachnida's Class (a class of joint-legged invertebrates). They are characterized by venomous fangs, which they...

    STDs And Infertility – We Ask A Doctor If There’s A Link

    In our clinical practice, we often get people asking us if there is a link between sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and infertility. The answer...

    Pneumonia Vaccines vs. Pneumococcal Vaccines?

    The term pneumococcal vaccine or pneumonia vaccine are often used interchangeably. These vaccines are given in the form of injections against the pneumococcal disease.  Any...

    Vitamin D, COVID-19, and Pregnancy

    Vitamin D is one of the fat-soluble vitamins that is primarily responsible for proper growth and development of bones. By increasing the absorption of...

    How To Interpret Infant Poop

    Who knew that when your first child arrived, the primary topic of conversation for the foreseeable future would become poop? In our house, we’re...
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