Wandering Rash Tongue

Wandering Rash Tongue
Wandering Rash Tongue

Overview Of Wandering Rash Tongue

Wandering Rash Tongue is synonymous with the term Geographic Tongue. Irregular patches on the surface of the tongue are the main sign of this condition. This gives the tongue a map-like appearance.

Commonly Associated With

Patches on the tongue; Tongue – patchy; Benign migratory glossitis; Glossitis – benign migratory

Causes Of Wandering Rash Tongue

Doctors do not know the precise cause of this condition. However, a lack of vitamin B might be a cause. Irritation from hot or spicy foods, as well as alcohol, might also cause geographic tongue. In smokers, the condition appears to be less common.

The change in pattern on the surface of the tongue occurs when there is a loss of the tiny, finger-like projections on the tongue. These projections are called papillae. As a result, these areas appear flat. The appearance of the tongue may change quickly. The flat-looking areas may remain for over a month time.


Symptoms of geographic rash tongue include the following:

  • Map-like appearance to the tounge’s surface
  • Patches that move from day to day
  • Smooth, red patches and sores (lesions) on the tongue
  • Soreness and burning pain (in some cases)

Exams & Tests

Your health care provider will diagnose this condition by observing your tongue. Tests are typically not needed.

Treatment Of Wandering Rash Tongue

No treatment is needed for this condition. However, antihistamine gel or steroid mouth rinses may help ease discomfort.