CBD Helps Build Muscle. Here’s How.

    The answer to the question of whether CBD can help build muscle would most likely already be clear to many weightlifters and people interested in building their muscles. The answer is simple, and it’s a yes. Yes, CBD can help build muscle. To know how CBD can actually help in building muscle, first, you need to know a little bit more about what CBD is about.

    What Is CBD?

    Cannabidiol (CBD) is one out of the 85 compounds known as cannabinoids contained in the cannabis marijuana plant. (1) CBD has become instrumental in the treatment of cancer and other medical conditions and these astonishing medical benefits have become the core reason for its use in muscle building.

    Cannabis sativa plant, better known as marijuana, contains chemicals majorly delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinoids (CBD) as well as over 85 other chemicals.

    CBD has become effective in the reduction of seizure disorder (epilepsy), reduction of pain and dystonia (muscle disorder), easing out anxiety, Crohns and Parkinson’s Disease. Although the legality of CBD is contested in many nations of the world, in the United States of America, for instance, The Farm Bill 2018 legalized the sale of marijuana and marijuana products, but this bill does not mean that all marijuana-derived CBD products are officially legal.

    How Can CBD Help Build Muscle?

    The human body has two important metabolic states in regard to muscle building. One of them is the anabolic state, which is characterized by growth; proteins and amino acids that form larger molecular structures are in charge of the building up in the body. Regular protein intake and caloric surplus ensure anabolism is maintained; this results in an increase in muscle.

    The second metabolic state is known as the catabolic state; this is the opposite of the anabolic state. This is the breaking down or reduction of large molecular structures such as proteins, stored fat and carbohydrate to meet the energy demand of the body. Fat catabolism is the primary aim of many people visiting the gym.

    Balancing the act between anabolic and catabolic states is vital to building the muscle. A practical example is the act of weight lifting; it breaks down the muscle fibers and initiates short-term catabolism; this catabolism is followed by the prompt supply of nutrients, which triggers the laying down of new muscle fibers in large amounts and subsequently causes an increase in density.

    So, how does CBD affect the muscle? It inhibits excess catabolism, preventing muscle loss and maintaining muscle mass. Bodybuilders do not eat large meals because if they do, the tissues will begin catabolism. But if they consume small meals, there will be a reduction in catabolism. CBD may not have a direct effect on the muscle like protein or amino acids, but it surely protects these structures from cortisol induced catabolism.

    Cortisol is secreted by the adrenal gland; it is a stress hormone that controls mood, fear and motivation. The body requires this hormone in a trace quantity; if secreted in excess can cause damages leading to muscle breakdown. (2)

    Preventing chemical catabolism in the human brain is also a function of CBD; this affects mental function, mood and pain. This preventive act and its subsequent increase in the blood level tends to reduce some psychotic signs associated with medical conditions as schizophrenia.

    Benefits Of Using CBD For Bodybuilding

    Just as with most things around, you have advantages and disadvantages, so does the use of CBD. Few benefits are as follows:

    • Improved sleep satisfaction: Regular exercising requires enough rest because lack of enough sleep makes the body incapable of rebuilding and healing minor muscle tears associated with weightlifting. CBD, coupled with your exercise schedule, helps to create relaxation and a sleepy effect; this will aid you to fall easily and remain asleep 
    • Pain relief: CBD is found to be helpful in the reduction of post-workout pain; this is having the same effect as medical marijuana
    • Improve your mood: In using CBD, it is very noticeable that during the period of bodybuilding, it improves your mood. It keeps your body active and improves the mood, also keeping you energized during the gym 
    • Weight loss: through appetite reduction and boosting of your metabolism, CBD aids weight loss; it also encourages an essential fat called brown fat, which the body uses for heat energy (3)
    • Neurological treatment: From the medical aspect, CBD assist patients with some neurological conditions (Multiple Sclerosis and epilepsy
    • Reduction of stress level: CBD has the ability to reduce the breakdown of your muscle by controlling the cortisol level of your body 
    • Energy is a significant factor in building the body. CBD helps to regulate your sugar level in the blood by controlling the quantity of insulin produced in the body. When you have a low level of insulin, the body converts the glucose to energy, thereby powering your workouts 

    Side Effects Of Using CBD To Help Build Muscle

    The side effects of using CBD are: 

    • It causes alertness changes and drowsiness 
    • CBD causes injury to the liver
    • It causes diarrhea
    • Most times, it decreases appetite
    • There could be side effects when it interacts with other medications


    It is with no doubt that CBD clearly helps build muscle; with its multiple benefits, it is advised to follow the strict prescription from experts to avoid complications in the future.

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